Wed 10 October 2021, 8:43 pm



T 16-hour Centers Are Open up to Midnight Every Day

The vice-chancellor for the health of Neyshabur Faculty of Medical Sciences reported providing COVID-19 services and tests at 16-hour centers of Neyshabur and subordinate cities.

Dr. Esmat Taghiabadi expressed: in order to more detect COVID-19 cases, sampling is done every day in selected centers and the necessary measures are taken for those with a positive test result, and people who have been in contact with them will be identified and asked to take the test.

The vice-chancellor for the health of the faculty introduced the 16-hour centers of Neyshabur, as shown below:

  1. Center No. 1 in East Taleghani Ave. (Phone Number: +9855142228497)
  2. Health polyclinics at the beginning of Shariati St. (Phone Number: +9855143336607)

Dr. Taghiabadi also marked: the mentioned centers are active from 7:30 to midnight. Therefore, I ask the citizens who have suspicious symptoms to refer to the mentioned centers as soon as possible to be informed about the health status of themselves and their family members.