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About Neyshabur

1- Climate and Geography

Neyshabur is a county on the slopes of Binalud mountain range in northeastern Iran with an area of ​​6754 km2 (equal to 5.8% of total area of ​​Khorasan Razavi province) and with 4 districts, 7 cities and towns, 13 rural districts and 582 inhabited villages, sharing borders with Chenaran, Quchan and Esfarayen on the north, Mashhad and Torqabeh on the east, Firoozeh, Khooshab and Sabzevar on the west, and Kashmar and Torbat-e Heidariyeh on the south.

Climatically it is warm and over arid in the east, cold and dry in highlands, and warm and dry elsewhere. Firoozeh, recently branched off to become an independent city to the east of Neyshabur with a population of 45,000 and an area of ? km2, is in the coverage area of Neyshabur School of Medical Sciences.