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December 14, 2018, 3:50 am

University Presidency

Chancellor of Neyshabour University Of medical sciences

Full Name: Mohsen Azimi-Nezhad
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  • General Medicine, Mashhad’s University of medical Sciences -1377
  • Master of Public Health Program (MPH) Mashhad’sUniversity of medical sciences -1386
  • Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) Medicine Genetics, Lauren University - Nancy in France 1388–1391
  • Academic Higher Diploma of Personalized Medicine and Therapy in Nancy Hospital-Lauren University in France 1389
  • Post-Doctorate in Molecular Medicine - Nancy Academic hospital - Lauren University in France 1392


In The Name of God
Dr. Mohsen Azimi-Nezhad, M.D, M.P.H, UD-PM, PhD,
Biography of Dr. Mohsen Azimi-Nezhad
Dr. Mohsen Azimi Nejad was born in a religious and science lover family, in Neyshabur. After completing his high school studies in the city of Neyshabur and getting a Diploma, He got accepted in the medical school of Mashhad’s University of Medical Sciences -iran 1998 and after completing his general medical education, he started working as the deputy of health, as well as the head of healthcare and treatment network of Shirvan.
He was encouraged by the Ministry of Health, treatment and Medical Education for several positive activities. In 2007, He was awarded a Higher Health Certificate with a brillianttranscript of records and was acclaimed as a top scholar student. He then moved to France to pursue his PhD studies in medicine and his post doctorate in molecular medicine.
Dr. Azimi-Nejad is one of the few Iranian professors in this major, who have returned to our dear and Islamic nation with a lot of experience and knowledge as well as successful records, both inside and outside of the country, so that he’d become the source of upheaval in the field of medical sciences in Neyshabur, which is a city of historical and cultural backgrounds, localizing Ideas gained from years of experience studying and living abroad. After returning to Iran, he started working as one of the faculty members of the Medical Genetics Department in Mashhad’s University of Medical Sciences.
In February 2014, he was appointed by the honorable Minister of Health, treatment and Medical Education as the head of Neyshabur’s School of Medical Sciences. Establishing the Center of Medical Genetics, the Center of Molecular Medicine Studies and the Center of Cohort Studies on Elderly Health in Neyshabur’s Medical School is one of the attributes of his scientific and executive work in Neyshabur.
Dr. Azimi-Nezhad has currently published 37 scientific articles in internationally validated journals that have been set among the first 4% of the faculty members of universities and medical schools around the country, according to the scientometrics system of the Ministry of Health, treatment and Medical Education. Also, in the compilation of the book, “risk factors in pathogenesis of atherosclerosis”, he was in charge of writing and compiling 2 chapters.
He is currently a member of the Worldwide Association of Embryonic Medicine, the European Society of Atherosclerosis, the American Society of Angiology, the European Pharmacognostic and Thermionic Society. He also academically interacts with the universities of Toronto, Canada, Boston, and Lauren University in France.
Public Relations of Neyshabur’s University of Medical Sciences