Wed 10 October 2021, 7:00 pm


Mohammad Ali Abedi

Position: Center director

Level of education: BSc in nursing – MSc student in Family Counseling

Scientific background:

A certificate of passing in crisis management courses

A certificate of passing in quality improvement courses

A certificate of passing in manager capacity courses


Work experience:

Clinical supervisor at Vasei Hospital in Sabzevar

Education supervisor at Vasei Hospital in Sabzevar

Clinical supervisor at Hakim Hospital in Neyshabur

Emergency department head nurse, Hakim Hospital in Neyshabur

Hakim center director

Hakim Hospital

Introduction of Hakim Health and Research Center, Neyshabur, Iran

In affiliation with Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences, Hakim Hospital was established in 2001. The hospital has contracted with all insurance companies, and since the last stages for launching the hospital in October 2001, the center has carried out extended activities in the field of service quality and quantity improvement.

Hakim Hospital is active regarding the admission of pregnant women and neonates and is recognized as a mother and baby-friendly hospital. In this period of activity, the hospital, as well as its outpatient and paraclinical wards have been developed in accordance with the needs of the clients and the organizational mission.

This hospital is known as the first first-class hospital in Khorasan province and as a green environment-friendly hospital with an area of 108000 m2 and 17908 m2 of infrastructure, 40000 m2 of green space, 1000 m2 of recreational space and children's park, 5000 m2 of sports space, 197 approved beds and 239 active beds. In total, 765 personnel work in the public and private sectors.

Hakim Hospital Characteristics

Total land area: 108000 m2

Total building infrastructure: 17908 m2

Green space area: 40000 m2

Area of recreational space and park: 1,000 m2

Sports space area: 5000 m2

Number of approved beds: 197

Number of active beds: 239

The center encompasses 765 public and private sector personnel.