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December 14, 2018, 3:51 am

Vice Chancellor for Research

The Assistance of Education and Research 


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Dr. Abbasaltborji



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Vice Chancellor for Research

In education perspective, the tendency of experts, faculty staff and scholars to stay in this city due to its specific geographical position, climate conditions and being in the vicinity of Holy Mashhad has provided the city with a proper and dynamic educational atmosphere. The outcomes of such atmosphere are the presence of 41 faculty members, over 600 students in 1394 (2015) alone, studying 9 majors (Nursing, Anesthesiology, Medical Emergency, Surgery Room, Public Health, Environmental Health, Professional Health, Food Industries and Science, and Obstetrics), and 6.36 square meters per capita per student. These outcomes offer the promise of improvement and development in education realm.


Also, in terms of scientific position, the city has got an appropriate rank in the country, and the existence of University of Science, University of Medical Science, Islamic Azad University, Payam-Noor University, and non-governmental institutes and more than 25 thousands students clearly certifies.


In research perspective, the town is conducting some Basic-Science Analysis, Clinical Research, Cohort study on cancer all with the priority of meeting the scientific needs of the district. Also, achieving the second top position in research among the medical universities in Razavi Khorasan, getting the first rank in research aspect in the whole province in 1394 (2015) and acquiring the H-index rank of 29th among 65 universities, establishing the center of Endemic Diseases Research, establishing and equipping a molecular and genetic laboratory, presenting 4 Articles per Researcher (2 in foreign and 2 in Iranian journals) indicate the focus on research and researchers' activities in order to improve the scientific level of this faculty.

Achieving 11 national ranks in cultural seminars, the first position in recording information in Comprehensive Professional Health Investigation System, 4 national ranks in the Quranic festivals, the second position in reporting infantile paralysis, the second position in the campaign against health violations and the fifth rank in reporting borne outbreaks for food and water supply, all explain the personnel and authorities' hard work with the aim of improving the faculty.